Recycling Policy

Recycling Policy

We go to great lengths to ensure our activities are environmentally sustainable. Working with and to our clients guidelines we follow procedures to adhere to the following;

Reduction of environmentally harmful chemicals.

Energy and water conservation.

Increased recycling and waste minimisation.

Emission reduction from vehicle use.

Sustainability improvemens included in job descriptions and staff objectives.

Increased provision of Fairtrade goods.

Commitment to working with the Environment Forum.

Aiming for continual improvement on carbon emissions, recycling, water consumption, waste production, business mileage and use of sustainable products. All incidents, such as the spillage of chemicals, improper disposal of waste chemicals or other unnecessary emissions to water and the atmosphere must be prevented and reported to line management if they occur.

Where special collection facilities are available, waste shall be segregated to allow for separate processing of recyclable waste.

Together International Cleaning Services will work alongside your organisation to ensure all staff are re-trained and ensure your recycling policy is correctly followed.